Slip & Fall

You are walking along when your feet give out from beneath you. You slip and fall, causing physical injury, pain and damage.

This happens more often than you would think. Some property owners have been negligent in keeping up their premises leading to serious accidents. You have the right to be safe when you visit someone’s home or shop at a store or drop in at a restaurant. Whether you are there as a guest, client or customer, you have the reasonable expectation of personal safety. What happens after a slip and fall accident? If a serious injury results from a slip-and-fall and you’re needing medical treatment and compensation, the property owner may well be held accountable under the principle of premise liability and should account for your accident and injury treatments.

What is “premises liability”?

Premises liability refers to the obligations of owners to ensure all visitors – guests, clients or customers, have the right to experience a reasonable expectation of personal safety while on the premises. This theory is applicable to both private and public property. As a result, a slip-and-fall that occurs at a theater, school, bank, apartment, retail outlet or home may be result from the fault of the owner of the premises. The same theory is applied to other similar conditions resulting in injury e.g. dog bites, wet floors, broken flooring, insecure railings, unstable steps and inadequate lighting. However, the laws and procedure of each state will determine the extent of liability in such instances.

The importance of professional assistance

Premise liability can vary as much as the circumstance and the personal injury resulting from the slip-and-fall. For this reason alone, you require the professional advice and assistance of an expert attorney at 1-800-HURT 911.

You need an attorney who is qualified and knowledgeable on all matters associated with premise liability and who knows how to negotiate with insurance companies to obtain successfully compensation for the harm resulting from a slip-and-fall.


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